How to use the camera shoulder strap


You might have never given it a thought, your shoulder strap of the camera, but it might be good to do so.

The essential idea of the shoulder strap is to secure your camera and to keep your hands free, especially when you are hiking or doing some other activity. But mostly the shoulder strap is not used for the shoulder. The strap is around the neck and this can affect your photography.

When something is hanging on the neck, the neck tends to get tensed and stiff and that makes us feeling uncomfortable, which reflects in the photography. When you feel it is not secure enough to have the camera strap on the shoulder, use it diagonal. The camera will be secure and your hands will be free to.

This will be very useful when dropping the camera would mean total loss, like when being at great heights or on boats. Also for bush walks and similar activities on
safaris in South Africa and elsewhere, having the camera secured like that helps a lot. You like to have your hands free when doing bush walks on uneven territory, just in case you stumble and want to hold on to something.

When travelling in groups or joining other group events like
team building incentives, one can get the idea that all is safe and safe guarding is dropped. But that is exactly the moment thieves are waiting for. Keep your camera always secure. Losing it can be such a hassle and you will not get the images back.

wildlife photography courses guests learn how to use the shoulder strap efficiently and practically. And it is always and “ah” moment when they realize that it was actually very uncomfortable to have the camera hanging around the neck. Try it.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for