7 Things to Think of When Going on Photo Safari

photographic safaris kenya south africa 7 things to think of

Going on a photo safari is different from doing photography in a city or other holiday destination. There are certain things to keep in mind when preparing for the trip.

#1 Is there power supply in my Safari Camp?
You go on photo safari with your digital camera and additional equipment and pretty much all of it needs electrical power. Ask before departure, if there is power supply and if yes, which adapter you need to bring.

#2 How will the weather be?
Going on safari means being outdoors. This cannot be only challenging for the equipment, but also for the photographer. Inform about the weather conditions and ask for advice before departure.

#3 What lenses do I need?
Do ask this question to somebody who is used to the bush and not just somebody in a store. They mean well, but they usually underestimate the conditions one has to cope with I the bush in relation to the desired photos one wants to bring home.

#4 Laptop or iPad?
You can upload photos to both of them, but the photo processing capacities are very different. Think of what you want to do and make a decision before departure.

#5 Tripod or not?
It depends on what you want to do. There is little space in the game vehicles to set up a tripod, but its nice to have a tripod for low light landscape photography. Think carefully and make a decision before departure.

#6 Weight!
Are you flying from lodge to lodge or going by 4x4? This is crucial in making a decision about the weight of the equipment you are taking with you. Safari flights have strict weight limits, inform about them before departure.

#7 My health
Talk to your GP about the vaccinations you might need and get advice regarding malaria. Mind the different water quality. Bring a repellant, sun glasses and sun hat.

Ute Sonnenberg, www.rohoaychui.com