What kind of African safari activities are available around Kruger Park?


On your safari in Kruger Park your main activities will be game drives in the park, trying to spot the Big 5. However there are lots of different things that you can do to enrich your African safari tour.

It is nice to have bush walks. That will give you a completely different perspective on wildlife and the bush. You will be part of their hierarchy and some will run from you and others won’t.

In the vicinity of Kruger are two possibilities to have interaction with elephants. One is Elephant Whisperer and the other one Elephant Sanctuary. Both have educational value and both offer elephant rides. It is a nice way to get up close with these amazing animals.

Another way to learn about wildlife and conservation is the Endangered Species Centre in Hoedspruit. Their focus is helping rare and endangered wildlife. Cheetah conservation is one of their core disciplines.

For the cultural insights it is worth visiting the Shangana Cultural Village, hosting a show performed by the Shangaan people. The Shangaan are the local people of the region and you can find them usual as trackers on the private game reserves. They are outstanding trackers and often find you the leopard you were so desperate to see.

Still think a safari is boring with sitting on the game drive vehicle all day? Only think of all the wonderful photography opportunities!

Happy photo safari snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for