Probably the best ever Müsli … served in the bush

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There is almost nobody not asking for the recipe when staying at Londolozi. So, to make it easy, here the recipe for probably the best müsli ever!


500& Butter
500ml Vegetable oil
5OOml Brown sugar
500ml Golden syrup
250ml Good honey

1kg Jungle Oats
750£ All Bran flakes
7508 Fiber Bran
500g Puffed Wheat
500ml Wheat germ
5OOml Sunflower seeds
500m1 Sesame seeds
500ml Shredded coconut
1kg Mixed nuts

Combine: all the ingredients forth' glaze in a medium size saucepan and heat slowly,stirring to make sure the sugar dissolves, bring to a short boil and set aside.

Combine all the cereal in a bowl and pour on the syrup. mix well and spread mixture over several baking dishes, place in oven at 100’C. toast muesli until golden, remove from oven and let cool. Alternatively, for a better crunch, leave in oven overnight at lowest setting (try and see- all ovens are different, but toasting does lake
some time)

Happy Cooking!
With Love from Londoloz! Kitchen

Ute Sonnenberg,