Why Photoshop is Not a General Need in Photography

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We all know the magazine images of beautiful people and products with the purpose to make us wanting them or wanting to look like them. To create these images one needs Photoshop, because as they are artificial needs, the images stimulating them need to be artificial too.
But for what reason do we need Photoshop for captured special moments? These moments were real. Or would you rather not really see the lion in the savanna or not really walk on the beach. It is the artificially perfect image from the magazine that makes us applying Photoshop to everything and by doing that destroying the captured real moment. If the picture doesn’t show what we saw, then we got to work on the photographic skills. Photoshop cannot make a picture a capture of a real moment, because it is made when the moment has gone already, later somewhere on a computer. Think and feel twice before doing Photoshop to your images. It might not do good to them.

Ute Sonnenberg, www.rohoyachui.com