How to find top-rated African safari destinations


That might sound like a silly question in times of Internet, but it might not. How do you know what makes an African safari destination top-rated?

There is Trip Advisor as a source of information where people post their feedback on accommodations, overall travel experiences and tourist attractions. The feedback you find there can give you an idea about the quality of the accommodation, but also about the overall experience on the game drives. People often share what animals they saw and when you see that most of the guests had great wildlife sightings, it should be a good safari destination.

Another valuable source of information are books and travel guides. Professional travel writers write them with lots of experience in all parts of Africa and make them a reliable recourse for your travel planning.

You can also search blogs for information on African safari destinations and you will find professional and hobby travel writers with useful information and loads of images.

Last but not least talk to people. Find people that have been to Africa and also talk to your tour operator. Safari tour operators have the insider knowledge and experience to be good advisors. Have also a look at their websites for guest feedback. It will give you an idea what safaris were favored and loved by the guests.

When you taped into all these different resources and all talk in praise about the same destinations, then you know what the top-rated
African safari destinations are and you can be assured of a great photographic safari.

Happy wildlife photo safari planning!

Ute Sonnenberg for