Live from the Masai Mara - Rewarding

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After the extremely amazing and spectacular game drives of the last days we had a quiet morning. Although a quiet morning in the Masai Mara means many elephants, all sorts of plains game, breathtaking landscapes and a delicious pick nick breakfast on the slopes of the escarpment, with an amazing view.

Well some in our group were a bit bored and found it difficult to see the beauty in the small things after the spectacle we had witnessed. Yet during lunch we agreed that wildlife photography is a lot about patience and that patience is always rewarded.

And it was rewarded. In the afternoon we went straight to a spot were others had just spotted the pride of lion we tried to see in the open during the last game drives, but only had seen some ears and heads far away. At arrival we saw the two male lion resting under a tree. After photographing the two male extensively we carried on to see the rest of the pride, in total 16 female lion and cubs!

It was just such an amazing sighting. The lion were scattered over a clearing and started getting up, yawning and playing. It was not possible to get them all in one photo, but at least about 10 of them at one stage. And then one of the male lion walked over to watch over them. He was obviously in control and not approachable for play! as he made very clear!

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Such a sighting makes one very humble and grateful, feeling rewarded for being out there the whole day and patiently waiting that the bush and the wildlife give some glimpses of their beauty and make the photographers heart beating faster!

… more to come.

Ute Sonnenberg for