What African safari specials are available?


Planning a safari leads always to the questions of costs and available funds. Often desires and reality do not match and compromises need to be made. That is not a bad thing as you are in a process of discovery and learning along the way what is really important to you to see and experience and your perfect African safari will fall into place eventually.

Be a savvy traveller and benefit from specials. They come with terms and conditions as one special is not to be combined with another, but optimizing the routing according to the specials saves you a lot of money you can spend on other activities or in the curio shop.

There are long stay discounts up to 30%, specials like Stay 4 Pay 3, free transfers and honeymoon specials with the bride paying 50% of the regular rate. You will find the better specials in low season. In peak season many special will not be valid. However ask, there is always something, but be aware that the periods of the best specials fill up availability quickly.

Happy savvy photo safari planning!

Ute Sonnenberg for