The Sweetest Cherries

horse photography course safari weekend south africa

There is a saying in German that the sweetest cherries hang always in the top of the tree. That wants to say as much as that one needs to do some efforts to get the best.
I always have to think of this saying when traveling to
Pakamisa, the Private Game Reserve in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa where I conduct the Horse Photography courses. It is really an effort to get there, at least from Johannesburg or even from further away. Driving down there shouldn’t be a big effort, if there weren’t the road works. Flying to Durban is a quite convenient solution, yet the drive from Durban is also 4 hours. But its so worth it. The moment I enter the reserve, drive up the mountain to the lodge and get the first glimpse of the vista, I know again why I came. This oasis of peace, silence and beauty is a paradise. And this is only the start. The stables are in a valley, surrounded by bush, with a dam where the horses can swim in summer and plains game sharing the paddocks with them. The geldings are roaming free, warthogs are following them and the ostrich expect their daily treat at the stables. Not only the animals get spoilt with good food also the guests. The restaurant of the lodge offers the most stunning views and the food is delicious. By the way, the rooms are spacious, comfortable and the view is great.
Well, this place is one of the sweet cherries.

Ute Sonnenberg,