What makes an African safari special?


People who have been on African safari say, that there is something special about it and that they want to come back again and again. What is it that makes people feel like that, what is it that gets under your skin and doesn’t let you go anymore?

Maybe it is that untamed nature, the free roaming wildlife, that driving a road and suddenly comes an elephant or looks a giraffe at you. That feeling of being part of all that, connected as we probably were thousands of years ago. Animals everywhere and not concrete and traffic, silence and real darkness, exposed to the elements and a fascinating way of living in comfortable safari camp in the middle of nowhere. Maybe the way we live when being on
African safari is the way we would naturally live, if there weren’t the demands of nowadays times. Maybe we feel like being back to our source and cannot get enough from drinking from it as it makes us strong and energetic.
However, there is a magic when standing on the same ground as the leopard 60 meters away from you, who decided to walk through your bush dinner arrangements, ignoring everyone just like cats do. It makes you feel real and it is almost touching that nature just accepts you as part of it and doesn’t mind that you usually sit indoors behind a computer.

Maybe that is also a reason people love to photograph a lot during safaris, to capture just that feeling and moment. As a guest said only recently, every time I see the pictures from my safari they make me smile.

Happy photo safari smiles.

Ute Sonnenberg for