Magical Photography Technology to Brighten up Our Days

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Photography itself is already magic and our photographs seem to be an endless source of joy, yet the combination with other branches of technology makes it even more magical.

How about printing with sunlight? There is a process called
Lumi Process that transfers images onto textiles and natural materials by using Inkodye and sunlight. The print is permanent and won’t even go off through machine washing.

lumi sunlight prints

Maybe you have already magnets on your fridge to hold photos of your family, friends and holidays, notes for groceries and other dear items. But how would it be to make your fridge the image?
Kudu Magnets can do that. They are making image magnets customized to your fridge that make your fridge not looking like a fridge anymore, but like a piece of art. You can submit your own images and create your own photographic art fridge.


The Lumi Process is already magical, the art fridge makes an everyday tool magical, but the rock science magic is a photo app for your iPhone that accurately measures your pulse through the camera of your phone. The app is called
Cardiio and available at the Apple app store for $ 3.99. It is based on technology developed at the MIT in Boston and measures the reflection of light on your skin. With higher heart beat more blood is pumped through the body and therefore the skin is absorbing more light. Lower heart beat means less blood pumped and the skin is reflecting more light. All this is measured through the camera of the phone and saved as a health track record. It works very well in daylight. In low light and backlight situation the measurement is not working, but the app will tell what needs to be done to get an accurate result.

cardiio app

Try it, its real magic!

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