How Patient are You?


It is generally said that wildlife photography is the kind of photography where the most patience is needed. And it is definitely true that patience is essential for wildlife photography. It is always the most challenging task for the guests on photographic safaris, team building photographic safaris and wildlife photography courses. We are so used that everything goes fast. Since we use computers our time feeling has completely changed and waiting more than 2 seconds for a website to open is already too long. But wild animals are not interested in that. They don’t care that you have only one week to see the Big 5 and a Great Migration Mara River crossing and they definitely don’t care that you think you paid for it to see it. They got their own time. And it is wonderful when one can surrender to their pace, letting the rush behind and enjoying what nature has to offer. It is also only then that we see the greatest sightings and end up with fabulous photographs.

But it is not only in the bush like that. When we give ourselves the time to tune in where we are and what we want to photograph, the results are so much better and the joy too.

Be patient with yourself!

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for