The Rise of Fine Art Photography

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“Great art is great art, whatever the medium.” said Arthur Goldberg, a major US collector of contemporary photography for the last 40 years. (via Forbes)

Some of the fine art photography “top on the list” are Andreas Gursky, Richard Avedon, Irvin Penn, Helmut Newton and Cindy Sherman. The markets are willing to pay lots of money for their art and this is only good. These artists are stimulating young and emerging photographers to follow their example and do what they love to do, photography.

With or without photography study or courses, one can be successful and be a great artist. Intuition is the main resource of creativity and one simply got to trust it. Well, that trusting might be the difficult part when bills are piling up and the rent is due too, yet it’s the way it goes. Helmut Newton was struggling until his early 40ies. Going to Paris made all the difference for him and his career took off. Often it is patience and trust in the passion that bring success.

Keep going and enjoying what you do. Immerse in the love for

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