Planning a Photo Safari: Research Your Destination


It is great to go somewhere and just shoot away spontaneously, yet there are situations you better do some preparations. That applies to travel photography and also to wildlife photography during photographic safaris. You usually have a certain amount of time to spend at several destinations and you want to photograph the best and be ready to capture great opportunities like a wildebeest crossing during the Great Migration in the Masai Mara.

Lets focus on the example
photographic safaris. First of all research what is the best destination for what you want to photograph and what is the best time of the year for it. Then find out what is the best place to stay to have the game drives you are looking for with the best guides to find your animals. When this is set, prepare your gear. Research how close the animals most likely will be to make the right choice of lenses and how will the weather be at that time in this area to know what clothes to bring.

Having done all that, you should be fine, but keep in mind its nature and animals can change their mind. The same research applies to
team building photographic safaris and wildlife photography course, but for the courses your photography guide will do the research for you.

And just do the same when planning a trip to New York or Paris, well without the animals, but research also these destinations that you don’t miss interesting photography opportunities.

Happy traveling!

Ute Sonnenberg for