Wildlife Photography under Water


Wildlife photography is not only confined to safaris in Kenya or South Africa. Wildlife is everywhere, in the countryside of your home country, in city parks and under water. There are plenty of great photographic opportunities and each got its own challenges.

Photographing from a safari vehicle is easy comparing with photographing under water, at least for myself. While a leopard moving in a tree can be a difficult, photographing moving fish and turtles under water is even more difficult. Not only your under water wildlife is moving, you are moving yourself, because you are pivoting in the water with actually nothing to hold on to be steady. Here one ends up very often with except for the water empty pictures.

One needs to be a really good diver to be a really good under water photographer to. Water needs to be really your element and honestly, I stick to the bush and the wildlife on land, enjoying every now and then the colorful under water world.

What about you?

Happy wildlife snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for