What is an African walking safari?


The first that comes to mind when hearing the word African safari are the images of 4x4 jeeps driving into the setting sun with guests having their photo cameras ready to photograph the incredible landscape or the Big Cat that hopefully turns up right in front of the sunset for the best of the year image.

That is one version of a safari, but there are more. Walking on
African safari is a very special way of exploring the bush and wildlife. One is not on game drives, but walks a bush trail and pitches tent every evening where the trail brought you. The luxury version of walking safaris is with a team pitching camp while you are still on your trail exploring the bush and making sure all is done with the shower ready when you arrive.

Walking in the bush means being part of the bush and wildlife will look at you as part of their hierarchy. That can lead to interesting encounters and is highly educational.

A walking safari for wildlife photography is not ideal as it is very tough to carry the heavy equipment through the bush, but a bush walk can also be done as part of a regular safari, just to get the feeling.

Happy safari walking!

Ute Sonnenberg for