Get the best Masai Mara African safari experience


The Masai Mara is always a great safari destination and Kenya itself is a top-rated safari country. But the most special experience offers the Great Migration with millions of animals filling the Great Plains and yet, it is silent with a Garden of Eden feeling over it.

And now picture yourself on an open 4x4 jeep exploring the open plains with your camera ready for spectacular photos. Searching the Mara River for potential crossings going on or about to happen. And eventually there is the big herd of about a thousand wildebeest crossing the river and you are there with your camera. The brave animals cross a river with strong currents and filled with crocodiles to reach the green grass on the other side to feed their little ones. It is drama and happiness in a nutshell. Be prepared for big emotions and magical wildlife photography.

Enjoy a magical
African safari experience.