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Tosca was born three years ago. She was a very sweet foal with a gentle nature. When she was still little she got an infection in her mouth. Isabella, her owner, had to clean the wound a couple of times per day. That was very painful for the little horse and after the treatment she hid immediately behind her mom, wanting to be safe. She stayed behind mom only for a minute or two, before she came back to us humans who just caused her pain sniffing friendly in our faces and enjoying petting and attention.
The infection was so bad that it destroyed the bone in her jaw. That was the moment to decide to put her down or not. Isabella decided to get her an operation to remove the infected bone and to keep her alive. Little Tosca recovered very well. Only her tongue is telling the story of her operation, because there is no bone to hold it properly back in her mouth. For the rest Tosca is a beautiful young horse, with a very friendly and sweet nature. A decision from the heart and a well-executed operation kept this lovely horse alive and we are grateful to see her enjoying life.

Ute Sonnenberg,