How can Pretoria be part of your African safari holiday?


Pretoria is not the first that comes to mind when planning an African safari. Johannesburg is the hub to African safari holidays in Southern Africa. But there is a very special way to travel in South Africa and that involves Pretoria.

Blue Train starts (or ends) in Pretoria. It offers a wonderful way of traveling and the journey from Pretoria to Cape Town takes about 27 hours with a bit of stopover sight seeing along the way. It could be an option to have a day or two in Pretoria with sight seeing of the traditional buildings, the purple blooming jacaranda trees in October and November and to make the experience complete stay at the Herbert Baker Hotel, named after the famous architect.

This version of a safari holiday is for the ones that have time. Photography lovers will not only be able to comfortably sit, view and shoot, but the train itself is a wonderful photographic subject as well.

Happy safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for