5 Top-Rated African Safari Destinations in Kenya


Kenya is mostly known for the Masai Mara and the Great Migration of the wildebeest. The Masai Mara is definitely a top-rated African safari destination and not only for Kenya, but for entire safari Africa. The Great Plains of the Masai Mara are the northern tip of the Serengeti and host to the probably most spectacular event on the African safari calendar, the Mara River crossing of the big herds.

A wonderful
African photographic safari destination is also Amboseli National Park. Amboseli lies on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro and is home to a big elephant population. The arid moon like landscape with its swamps and as backdrop Mt. Kilimanjaro is fantastic for photography.

From Amboseli it is only a short drive to Tsavo West National Park, a volcano landscape with stunning views on Mt. Kilimanjaro, intense colors of the soil, wide open views and awesome wildlife. The volcano ground and mountains create the special character of Tsavo West and it can be very hot, making one feel like being in an oven.

Divided only by the road Nairobi – Mombasa, Tsavo East is even bigger and a great home for the wildlife. Tsavo East does not have many roads and the wildlife has therefore plenty of undisturbed space. That does not mean that the sightings are not good, they are, as the park is wildlife rich and the roads that are there are just enough. Tsavo East is also the location where the elephant orphans from the Scheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi are released into the wild.

Another top-rated safari destination in Kenya is Samburu, far away from Tsavo in the northern part of Kenya. Samburu is also host to a big elephant population and a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. Due to its location north of the equator, it has several species of wildlife that are not found south of the equator. Samburu is fascinating and intensely beautiful, however it can also be an intense and tough safari experience.

All mentioned safari destinations are ideal for wildlife photography, offering great sightings and stunning landscapes. At least one of them should be part of every Kenyan safari itinerary.

Happy wildlife snapping!

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