horses digital photography course safari

It’s early morning. The sun is clearing the mist over the valley. Kudus are on the road. We are going down to the stables at the house. Dogs are welcoming us. They are excited, tail wagging, friendly and naughty. The horses are still in their boxes, curiously observing what’s going on. We are preparing to photograph them when they rare running from their boxes into the garden. Hopefully we will get some nice images of horses in motion.
They make a short run into the garden and look surprised, like wondering, if there is some playing ahead. With gentle encouragement they start running through the lush green sub-tropical garden. And we photograph their movements, trying to capture their beauty. The sun is behind them; sprinklers are spraying fresh water onto the fields in the background. It’s a beautiful setting. We are photographing continuously and sometimes it would be great, if the camera would be faster. But well, lets see what comes out.
Back in the lodge I look at the photographs of horses in motion and they turn out to look like images of unicorns.

Ute Sonnenberg, rohoyachui.com Horse Photography course