Why walking African safaris?

When you are on a game drive vehicle, you are not part of the wildlife’s world. This is very different when you are walking in the bush. You become part of the animals world, part of their hierarchy with a completely different feeling and experience. Imagine you are on African safari and on a game drive in the morning. You see a leopard and follow him for a while. Later after breakfast you go on a guided bush walk and you are back where you saw the leopard in the morning. Can you imagine how that feels? Now you are walking where the leopard was and you will without no doubt have mixed feelings, as the leopard could still be around. The leopard would respond different than when you were in a vehicle and most likely you wouldn’t see him, as he would try to avoid people.

Very special experiences are complete walking safaris where you walk from camp to camp or stay in an area and explore it on foot. By moving slowly you will see very different things and explore the bush in a different way. Consider at least one walk while on safari to get a glimpse of this amazing experience.

Happy bush walking!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa