Wildlife Photo Tip: The Eye in Focus


Wildlife photography is a lot about patience and waiting for the moment that something happens. Safaris with wildlife interactions are the best for photography, but when the action eventually comes it can also be a challenge.

Action in wildlife photography means that all happens very fast. The animal moves very fast and the light is changing very fast to, when e.g. a leopard is moving around in a tree, going in and out of the shade very quickly. That means the pictures tend to be blur.

There is nothing wrong with a blurry picture. It supports the movement and looks very interesting, but when all is blur it is not nice anymore. Our eye needs to focus on something and an entirely blur picture doesn’t allow that. We feel uncomfortable and don’t like the picture.

Make sure at least one eye is in focus. We connect usually with the eye of a photographic subject and if that is out of focus, it feels like it hurts our eye. Is the eye in focus, the rest can be blur and full of motion. It will be a lovely and most likely very interesting picture.

Happy motion snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for